Montana Mine - Vanessa Vale

Montana Mine

By Vanessa Vale

  • Release Date: 2018-09-13
  • Genre: Romans et littérature


Daphne Lane leads an uncomplicated life as a travel journalist. Sure, she's lonely and has no real home. But the very best thing about the job? It got her out of Montana, away from her completely crazy Aunt Velma and her quirky, matchmaking friends. After a week back home in honor of her Aunt's birthday, Daphne is more than ready to escape to her next assignment. But Fate has other plans in the form of JT McCade, a sexy detective with a sensitive trigger finger.

JT McCade is ready to settle down, find a nice, normal woman. Get a dog. He wants the whole white picket fence fantasy. When he pulls over a gorgeous woman doing 90 mph on a back road, an off-duty traffic stop completely ruins his vacation. Arresting Daphne wasn't part of the plan, but neither was a road trip across the west in a vintage RV with his crushed motorcycle playing the victim to Daphne's poor driving skills. A solo road trip would have been fine, but add Daphne, her Aunt Velma, Goldie, the towns most notorious meddler, Velma's crazy friend Ester Millhouse, and it turns into an adventure.

Can JT and Daphne survive three geriatric matchmakers, a feral cat, a flying gnome, a mistaken identity as a porn star, a taser, and other twists of fate? Is this going to be the road trip from hell? Or will the insanity lead Daphne to the one place she's never really been...home.

(This book was previously published.)